Get a cute backpack with hoodie when you buy Nido +3 or Nido +5 !

It’s cute and lightweight which your little one will easily carry around. The backpack comes with a hoodie that’s nicely hidden in a zipped up compartment outside the backpack.

It’s perfect during this rainy season!

The limited edition backpack hoodie comes in three designs. Choose between vibrant blue tang fishes, lovable sea turtles, and majestic humpback whales. Better yet, collect all three!

Developed by the best of Nestlé Research, NIDO® 3+ is the only milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions and millions of live good bacteria that maintain stomach balance, which in turn help strengthen the immune system.

Aside from Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, each glass of NIDO® 3+ also contains other essential nutrients such as Prebio® 3, indigestible fibers that serve as food for good bacteria to grow and survive; DHA, ALA, LA and Taurine to support proper brain structure; and high levels of vitamins A, D, Calcium and Zinc to support overall growth and development.

For kids ages 5 and up, there is NIDO® 5+, enriched with CALCI-N® to help build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.

So whether in good or bad weather, help protect your child with good nutrition. And how can you make sure that you are giving him just that? #CheckMoMuna, #CheckTheLabel!