These are random things I learned from reading books, blogs and tricks that was passed on to me. Until today I am still amazed of how much I could learn through the Internet and the blogs and websites I read. I want to make a list of helpful things I learn so I have something to go back to if needed. Please feel free to use any of it and I hope you find them useful!

1. Cut the banana from the stem when you buy them so it won’t ripen fast. Hang them instead of leaving on your counter top too! Honestly, I like mine cold so I put some on the fridge.









2. Wrap your used chunk of cheese with aluminum foil. It will keep it fresh longer and avoid mold formation.

3. The water you use to boil eggs in are actually full of calcium so save it and use it to water you plants.

4. Egg shells are great source of nutrients for your plants, smash the shells to pieces and mix with your soil and voila, healthier greens!

egg shells as fertilizer

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5. When using gloves (dishwashing or laundry gloves) fold the bottom part so that it prevents water from going into your arms and hands.


6. When frying ground beef, add a teaspoon of water to absorb grease away from the meat while cooking.

7. Straw can be very helpful in avoiding tangled necklaces when you keep them in your bag. Thread one end of the necklace to the straw and lock it as usual.

knot free necklace












8. Put clear nail polish on the screw of your eyeglasses to avoid loose threads.

9 . To keep your jar of brown sugar soft, put a piece of bread in it and the following day remove it. The bread may become stale but the brown sugar is good as new!

Jar of Brown Sugar with Bread

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10. And lastly, I’m a newbie in baking so most often than not I leave my cookies long in the oven that when I take it out, it’s too hard. I found out this neat trick for a hard cookie remedy- Place the cookies in a ziploc together with a piece of soft bread or a marshmallow. Let it sit for a few hours and viola! soft cookies you have 🙂

These are just 10 cool things I can think of but I’m sure I can still dig more. Stay tuned to part two or three! 🙂

Hey if you have some cool stuff to share please leave them in the comment section and I will gladly link you up!