>I was 13 at the time when I woke up from a nightmare one cold Christmas night, I felt tired and heavy. I couldn’t recall what I dreamt. All I can remember is the feeling I had during and after the nightmare. It was as if I ran around the entire Philippine archipelago and there was this twirly feeling like I was inside a big tornado, like someone’s chasing me for I don’t know what reason. It was dreadful, I couldn’t sleep again so I braved the dead, dark night to go to my parents’ room. I told them I wanted to sleep with them. So the three of us squeezed on their bed (goodthing it was king size). My mom said I could talk about my nightmare in the morining but I thought I would never want to talk about it. At the time it felt like, the nightmare was foreign; I can’t even explain what it was! So, until today that night wasn’t mentioned.

I’m just grateful I woke up. I heard rumors about people not waking up from nightmares. Medically, they call it Acute Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis. So, why did I brought this up?
Just tonight, both P and T are sleeping. I was doing my blog hops when I heard T moan and grumble. I woke him up and told him to change position (he was snoring before this). Afraid that he might be having a nightmare. Well, looks like he’s sleeping soundly again so it means it must be nothing. But hey..