Growing up surrounded by dogs and cats, I am truly devastated to know that the Philippine government actually passed an ordinance which states, “Department of Agriculture enacted an Administrative Order which allows for the inhumane “tambucho-gassing method” of dogs (and even cats)”  Making tambucho gassing as a legal method of euthanasia. 

I can never come to terms why Committee on Animal Welfare (CAW) allowed such inhumane act to be included in the Administrative Order.  I cannot see where the “animal welfare” comes in to that. Even dogs and cats deserve an honorable death even if they are already considered nuisance to the general public. 

So how does this tambucho gassing work? 

Dogs or cats are put inside a closed metal cage and the tambucho gas will then be leaked inside the cage for 15 minutes to an hour and the animals are trapped inside crying until they suffocate from the gas. Horrible torture for the poor animals. What did they ever do to deserve such treatment. When in fact, it was humans who became irresponsible to have caused such dreadful fate on these poor animals.

Words can never be enough to express how horrible I feel as I share this with you. I cannot help but think how differently my American friends take care of their pets and how the American government preserve the rights of the animals. 

As a mother, I can teach my child to be kind to animals and treat each one with respect and care they deserve. 

Animals are friends, they are not trash.