I swear I am in the brink of considering that my daughter is an alien. LOL.

She’s had her first baby teeth pull out when she was 4.11 years old. It had to be extracted by the dentist because it was not loose enough to fall by itself and the new tooth was coming out already.

Today, 1-14-13, her 2nd lower incisor had to be pulled out again because new tooth is again coming out and pushing the baby tooth but not loosening it. I find it really weird because I remember I had my first tooth fell off when I was 6 or 7. It didn’t help that my Mom and Dad kept telling me it was way too early for Peaches. Plus the fact that Peaches LOVED going to the dentist and having her gums injected by anesthesia and go through all the shebangs of tooth extraction.

Contrary to some youtube videos we see, where the kids are too groggy that they do and say funny things, my Peaches is as normal as she can get. She’s not even sleepy or anything. Booo, I was hoping she’d make those funny post-anesthesia videos!

But yeah, I’m happy she’s taking all these in a very positive way. I don’t want her to look like she needs to take the Iscreen oxycodone drug test. LOL.

Close to thinking some aliens abducted my real daughter and planted an alien daughter to us, I did a quick research and found out from babycenter.com that it is indeed normal for kids as early as 4 to have their first tooth fall off.

It is usually the lower incisors that comes off first because they’re the first to grow. The general rule is:  first in, first out.

I remember Peaches when she had her first teeth and yep, it was the lower incisors.

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Brushing her has been a major issue for me and I think it’s paid off. Her dentist is happy with her teeth and we just hope we’ll continue with zero cavity years.

How about you, how was your child’s teeth?