Even though I am frantic,
I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.
The feeling of being busy and the realization on how complicated life is,
made me craved for my life’s simplicity when I was in college.
Plus the fact that I have cousins and BIL who will all be
college freshmen this coming school year.

Here’s my college story: (or a part of it)

I am a true-blooded Tamaraw (and a proud one) because my Mom didn’t want me to take the
scholarship from UST. I was offered scholarship provided I play
for the Women’s Tennis Team and that I maintain a passing grade.
I was planning to take up medicine so my premed was Medical Technology.
My Mom didn’t want any distractions so varsity is out for me.
(I was drafted for Olympics when I was in my 4th year
HS but my Mom was against it)

I also passed UPD but the course offered was not
my forte. *sus* (Business Ad)

My last resort was FEU.

Never did I regret studying at FEU.
On the first day of school, I felt I belong and from there I knew
this was what I wanted.
I gained friends.
I became “known”.
I honed my leadership skill by founding YFC-FEU Campus Based
I fell in love and fell out of love.
I was betrayed yet I learned to forgive.
Most of all,
I had the best time of my life.

Thinking about it now, my advice for incoming freshmen
is to choose your school wisely.
Think about it long and hard.
You wouldn’t want to transfer school every semester :))
Plus you wouldn’t want to flunk college because
you didn’t like your “environment”.
Bear in mind that college is the best card you have for your future.

After all, think of all those kids your age, who wanted to go
to college but couldn’t.
Think of how lucky you are.
Lucky to have been blessed with an expressway to a good/better future.