>The weekend’s almost gone but mine haven’t even started. Well at least that’s what it felt. 

Troy’s been in and out of the house because his office had tour briefing yesterday and today. And the past week was also about that. He had to work even after office hours to finish the slides for the presentation. I feel bad for him because he hears Peaches say, “Daddy, are you going to work? WHY?” “Stay here, Daddy. No work please”. I know it must have been difficult for him to hear his daughter say them. 

That’s why I can feel that he’s weary of his job now. 

Yes, we all need to work to give our family food to eat everyday, give our children the best of what they need, and to give us comfort. But at what price?
I’m lucky I can choose to stop whatever I’m working on and attend to Peaches. This is the exact reason why I choose to work at home. I have no parents to please, no family business to think of. 

I try my best to make Troy comfortable when he gets home and try harder not to show I too feel tired. That’s the least I can do for him since I have the luxury to sleep in the next day or so. 

I hope things get better for us and for you 🙂