Hair loss is one of the many problems when you start to age. It’s main cause would be genetics, pregnancy, diet and several other factors. What aggravates hair loss is the chemicals that you put your hair through such as hair treatments, shampoo with strong chemical composition, etc. Luckily, Novuhair is here to help you control and totally stop your hair loss.

Novuhair is composed of herbal ingredients: virgin coconut oil, panax ginseng, centella asiatica, zingiber officinale, aloe barbadensis and biotin. Several essential oils were also added to ensure it’s hair loss prevention power. Novuhair also stimulates hair growth and eliminates dandruff. This treatment could solve all your hair woes in just 2 weeks of application. But for severe cases, it’s expected to show results within 3 months. 

Here are photos of two Novuhair users that attest that it works: 

Che before using novuhair
Che after using Novuhair

Novuhair is currently being exported to Hong Kong and USA, soon it’ll be available in Singapore, Europe and the Middle East. If you’re wondering about the safety of this product, be assured that the company conducted several clinical studies and showed that it is 100% safe to use without side effects and 100% great results on hair loss and other hair problems. To top it all, Novuhair is BFAD approved. 

A Novuhair starter kit costs P3,980 and is composed of Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion and Novuhair Herbal Lotion (it is said to be good for 2 months). It is available at Mercury Drug outlets nationwide and in all Cory Quirino World of Wellness stores. RenzSignature