I have friends who took the November 2008 exam and I was excited to look for their names. And boy, it took me hours (well it felt like one) because most of the pages are LOADED with traffic and it was hard to navigate around the site.

Anyhoo, my mates deserve to be applauded!

Ate Marge and Lyn who are both WORKING(Ate Marge is a firefighter and Lyn is a callcenter gal) while preparing for the exams. They were both my groupmates and I can attest how much they deserve their license. Some of our groupmates didn’t make it though, but that’s just how it is. I hope they won’t take it badly.

My cousin, Ayen passed too and I am so happy for her because this would mean a bigger chance for a brighter future for her and her family.

So please everyone, a round of applause for these great nurses!

Maybe next time it’s my name we will all wait to be published 🙂 (that’s when we are able to come up with my tuition money)