>I was having a bad morning. I slept little because Peaches got the flu when I was woken by the phone ringing. I had to scram and get it before it wakes P, but too late she gets up and whine. I look up at our wall clock, it’s 6:30AM. And so my day unfolds.

Feeling so sleepy I dread to do all the things I needed to do today. I just wanted to lay down not caring even if Peaches screams and kicks because she’s irritated her nose are runny. I just wanted to snooze for 5 more mins. (or more)…. I just don’t feel like doing things but… I did it anyway.
I’ve finished bathing P, feeding her, make her take her medication, change her again after her withdrawals, make her go to sleep, folding our fresh laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, and washing dishes. Currently I am doing the day’s laundry! Later I am to fix our cabinets.

Now your wondering why am I boring you with these things?

I just want to stress a few points I’ve realized today (through my reliable Our Daily Bread).

“There is something about recognizing our lack of motivation and then choosing to be responsible that helps us follow through.” Agree? I do too. Relating it to the scripture reading of the day, God is interested in our faith and obedience, not just our good intentions.
So if you are faced by the same situation, don’t forget to ask God to give you the strength to do it anyway.

READ: Matthew 21: 28-32