>In just a few more minutes, it’ll be my best friend’s birthday! And I decided to make an entire post about him and how much I hate love him.

His name’s Ryan Bill (yea like Bill Clinton). We used to call him Billyana for having girls as his close friends. And me as a best friend. He must be gay huh?
But he’s not. He’s got two kids now. If that would prove he’s not gay.
My parents trust him eventhough he was an ass. My mom would always ask things about him and his life. (knowing how an ass he is)

Bes and I are exact opposites. He’s a risk taker, I’m not. He’s a bad boy, I’m goody goody. I do well in school, he barely reads. He has vices, I don’t. He knows how to eat using his bare hands, I don’t. Well he taught me how so now I know.
He sings well, I sing better. He is a happy-go-lucky person, I’m a planner. He’s tough, I’m a softy. He’s too insensitive, I care too much. And I could just go on…

BUT we are the bestest best friend. And I love how different we are yet we jive. He was the second most important guy for me when I was still single.LOL.

I remember when I had my first boyfriend, he told me he was not the one for me. And true enough. Second boyfie came, he said I was just doing the same mistake I did the first time. And that he was not the one. True enough. That last one was a big blow to me (and for him). I was healing from a nightmare relationship. And I kept it all to myself, afraid that Ryan would kill my then boyfriend. He would you know. He could too. But eventually, he squeezed the truth out of me and was furious—or beyond furious. I remember I was careful not to mention the guy’s whole name, his course and his address. LOL.

There was also one time when I was going through self pity and stuff, I didn’t want to move so I just lay in bed the whole day. The helper must have called him because he just barged right in to my room and held me until I feel asleep.

Years ago, when we were in highschool, I was out of town for a tennis tournament and it was my 15th birthday. He climbed the walls of the school I was housed and snuck to my room just to greet me a happy birthday and give me the worst gift he could ever give me. Sweet noh?

He was even my prom date! Yuck!

There was a time when he was University hopping, he was somewhere in Iloilo and I was here in Manila, I was so sad I didn’t have friends pa. He calls me regularly to assure me he’s there for me and he will always be a call and text a way. And somehow it made me feel better.
Not long enough, he transfered to Manila!

When my family was going through an issue, he was there to support.

When a family member was running for office, surely he would support knowing he could use the connection. lol.

He was protective in so many ways than one.

I hate him too, you know. I hate him for being a slacker. I hate him for the times he failed to keep in touch. I hate him for being too busy for me now that he has found the girl for him. (and a son)
I hate him for ignoring me. I hate him for his callousness.

But what can I do, I am still the best friend.

On my wedding day, I wanted him to be the MAN of HONOR (as oppose to MAID OF HONOR) but T’s parents would surely react. And I wouldn’t want to take away the Best Man’s choice away from T. So Bes was the Veil Sponsor and he slept half way of the ceremony. I didn’t even know if he cried. =_=

Happy birthday bes!

I sincerely hope you found what you’re looking for. I wish you all the happiness life could give. I wish you more love and blessings!

You know I love you and forever I will.

Thank you for being happy for me too. Thank you for everything and the things to come. Thank you for making an effort to know Troy when we were just starting. Thank you for keeping me high.