If you’re close to me you’ll know that I rarely get sick. A year and a half can pass without a single flu or cough. I must have a strong immune system because I don’t take vitamins; they make me sleepy and eat more (than usual). But yesterday was one of those awful days. I came down with a stomachache and soon I was a frequent restroom visitor because if I move even a bit, I vomit. I was in bed the entire day and T was getting anxious because I looked like I was getting dehydrated. He said if I wasn’t getting any better, he’d drive me to the hospital for some IV’s. Uh-Oh. I hate needles! I told him Gatorade will do it (I hate hydrates too).
At mid-afternoon T had to leave for some business meetings and I was left with P, her nanny and our cleaning lady. They all thought I was asleep and here are some of the things I heard:

Aling G (the cleaning lady): Ilang taon ka na? (how old are you?)
Ate M (nanny): 46
Aling G: Oh? Ako 60 na mukhang mas matanda ka pa sa akin..hahahah. (Oh? I’m 60 but you look older than me! hahahhaa)

Aling G: Kelan kaya ako makakatira sa ganitong bahay? (When will I ever live in a house like this?)
Ate M: E di mag stay in ka! (You should stay in!)

Aling G: Si Troy talaga pinakamabait sa kanilang lahat. Kaya nga ko nag tagal sa kanila eh. (Troy’s the nicest in his family, that’s why I worked for them this long)
Ate M: Ah bakit yung iba hinde mabait? (Why, the others aren’t?)
Aling G: Hinde. Basta buti si Troy mabait yan. (No. Goodthing Troy is)
Ate M: OO nga silang mag asawa laging naka ngiti (Yes, the couple is always smiling)

Oh and I heard a lot more I just forgot most of it. hahaha.

Well, I’m okay now. So far no more vomiting and I can stand, sit and walk around. I’m just taking it a little slow today. Thank God, T said I can forget about hospitalization for now. lol.