It’s official. I’ve posted my resignation as a Guildmaster. It took me weeks before I finally mustered my strength to finally post this. I chose to step down and some how quit playing MU because I’d want to put as much time I have in taking care and playing with Peachypoop. She’s a baby only once and she’s growing so fast.Besides, there are OTHER greater things I should be doing..like my cases, my case presentation and the evaluation of my grades…it’s just too much too handle.

I keep telling myself that logically, this is the right thing to do..But deep down it pains me. If only I could have it all. But that’s too much to ask for, isn’t it?

For some who are not hardcore gamers, would think of this as a nonsensical post. That I am such a drama queen. If only I can let you understand more. If only I can describe how it feels.

The only thing that’s making me happy with this idea is knowing that my friends from MU will still be with me even if it’s game over for me.