My Dad’s been bugging me to scan some of their wedding photos so he could save it and view it (more like boast with his friends or rub the difference of today and yesterday lol) anytime. He said he wanted to reminisce how my Mom looked when they got married. He told me he couldn’t forget  how barbie-like Mom was. Mom’s a pretty girl, very petite and lady-like. Even my lola looks so gorgeous! Here have a look:

picture 2

Mommy on her wedding dress with Lola Zon

picture 1

That’s Tatay my Mom and Tatang (Tatay’s Dad). Mom married Tatay at the age of 18 (Tatay is 7 years older than Mom) and naturally my Lolo (Mom’s Dad) didn’t approve (Mom’s the eldest) and was absent during the wedding. See, Mom and her family are from Bataan and she was sent to Manila for College (UST) and that’s were she met Tatay.

More of the De Jesus- Viado Nuptial 31 years ago:

My Adorable Lolas!

Lola Zon (mommy side), Tatay and Mamang (tatay side)

So you know where Peaches got her curls! Look how afro-ish Tatay was.

My Parents Wedding Photo

Rey & Nadine = REENA

That’ where my name came from, a combination of both of my parents’ names 🙂 I remember my parents’ bedroom had RNR on its door 🙂

I was never really as thin as Mom when she got married. You should see her when I was born! She was like stick and bones! Was I that hard to take care of? gah. Anyway, I wish I could be as thin as Mom (I know she wishes to be as thin as this too!lol).