For 3 days, my husband has been suffering from a mild eye infection which is commonly known as stye. A stye is an infection that causes a tender red lump on the eyelid. Most styes occur along the edge of the eyelid but it can also occur inside the eye. It’s sometimes caused by bacterial infection that forms a lump on the eye. It may or may not cause swelling of the eye too. Luckily, my husband’s eye did not swell. 

Yesterday we had him checked by an ophthalmologist at Healthway Clinic. He was given a Prednisone eye drop and was asked to have chest X-Ray to rule out Tuberculosis because according to the Opthalmologist, stye could be a symptom of Tuberculosis. 

We are both Medical Technologists and we both agreed not to take the chest X-Ray because if my husband has Tuberculosis, he should have shown early symptoms like coughing, fever, fatigue, losing weight (and he is far from losing weight!), loss of appetite (oh please!), etc. Eye infection COULD be a LATE onset symptom but not as an EARLY symptom. 

I really hate it when doctors say things that make you panic and worry but in reality, they just want to make money and make you take all sorts of laboratory tests that they will interpret and stuff. I was really disappointed. 
My only consolation is that my husband was given the proper medication for his eye infection. 
And for the record, we paid P600 for that.