For a time I’ve been hell bent in losing weight or at least get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve tried skipping meals which didn’t really end well because I was always irritable (I hate to feel hunger pains!), I tried doing a meal plan that I got from a friend but discontinued it because I got sick from eating too much green leafy vegetables (well, maybe because it wasn’t fresh when I ate them, or it wasn’t properly washed or something). Anyway, I’m not totally giving up on losing weight but I’m not as hell bent as before. I am also learning to shrug off nasty comments from family and friends and learn not to take it personally- perhaps they’re just concerned for my health and well being.

My parents nag me to lose weight every single day (well except today because I’m sick and they’re extra sweet and forgiving) but I  don’t take it against them. They’re just concerned knowing how my immune system has drastically decreased and considering the health crises my family is suffering as of the moment (my Tatay’s side of the family). I’m pretty okay with my parents nagging me as I also nag them about so many things.

Honestly, I long to have my old weight back but as my husband puts it, “you’ll lose weight in time, as of the moment enjoy whenever you can”. Of course I have limitations, I wouldn’t want myself to grow so huge that I won’t be able to share a seat on an airplane-you get what I’m saying?

I believe that losing weight is parallel to your mindset. Maybe deep down, I’m not yet ready to lose weight.
Well, it’s time to work my brain out and set it to lose weight mode!

How about you, what are your diet secrets?