>Troy’s leaving for Holy land on Saturday. I’ll start packing his things tomorrow (yes I do the packing and he just double checks them) I feel safe when I know the things that he brought with him and that I don’t have to worry he didn’t have enough.

Our dream is to travel to the Holy land together. Maybe when Peaches is old enough to be left alone with the in laws. Or will she ever be old enough? I don’t know.

So, do you ever pack your husbands’ stuff or you let them do it and never worry they forgot something?

 My Mom taught me how to pack wisely. 🙂 I put together the clothes I will wear everyday (shirt, shorts/skirt, underwear). Then I roll them together and put strategically on the luggage this way it’s easier for me to pull them out. The extra clothes I then put in between the paired clothes as “barriers”.
I also put empty plastic bags on the pockets just in case it’s needed (ie, wet clothes, soiled clothes).

It’s also wise that you research the weather of the country you’re going and check the itinerary so you could pack appropriate clothes and decide if you’re packing too much or just right.

I also make sure I bring at least one extra set of clothes for emergencies 😉