I was researching and comparing fees of various nursing review centers here in Manila. In hope of solving my long time dilemma, to take the June NLE or not. I’ve called several review centers, asked for their fees and schedules. I even researched on NCLEX application process. It suddenly struck me…….I don’t have money for the application fees, review centers, and review materials. I couldn’t ask more from my Mum, couldn’t ask more from T. =((

What to do? I then decided to go with the BLOGGING and EARNING trend. I don’t have any idea on how it works or how to start with it. So my head’s spinning on all the things I read about blogging and getting paid. But at least I am one step ahead. At least I did something. Even if it may not be enough to pay for my review needs. It may be enough to say that I did something.

Maybe God’s hand will work its wonders for me. If it’s my time for the NLE or NCLEX. It’ll come.

For now, I am at least preparing for the NLE on my own little way. I have my notes from my lectures to start with. Though, let me stress this point: I AM NOT CONFIDENT WITH THE NOTES I HAD FROM SCHOOL. Is it worth mentioning what Nursing School I graduated from? ahhhhhhhhhhhh….Nah. Let it be.

This is really a big pressure on my part. Many are counting on me passing NLE. I am a second courser and it’ll be my second time to take a board exam ( I passed Med Tech’s board exam).

Maybe I should rub Florence Nightingale’s lamp and wait for my genie to come out! Hehehhehe…

Well, I hope things will turn out right for me. I need a lot of prayers.