Peaches had grown up with the help of the Internet. She learned her first ABC song through a video I found in the Internet and then later on traced her first letter through a sheet I downloaded from a website. She asks me to search images of her favorite cartoon characters and pleads me to print it out for her so she can color them. I knew if handled well, the Internet could be a helpful learning ground for my daughter so I scoured the web for interesting things that will keep my daughter entertained and at the same time learn from it.

Then I learned about an online game for kids called JumpStart and when I looked at it, I knew Peaches will love it. I delved deeper about the company to make sure it’s safe and approved by several authorities. I felt assured when I read about the reviews and awards they’ve got from parents, teachers and several award giving bodies such as The Toy Man Award of Excellence 2008, National Parenting Seal of Approval – 2008 Winner and iParenting Media Awards – Outstanding Product 2008.

What is is a 3D virtual world full of magical games, friends and adventures. This game is appropriate for kids ages 3-12 years old and as Peaches and I create her own JUMPEE, I noticed that the characters and accounts are secured because it needs parental supervision during the sign up process and the kids can only choose names on the ones provided by JumpStart. I felt assured that no information about my child will be given away since the chats are canned.

What I like about it is that the games are fun and easy to follow. Peaches was able to find her way inside JumpStart’s virtual world without difficulty. Though I still advise adult supervision at all times.

Peaches had fun hunting Halloween items the past few days and it has kept her busy when school was out.  She also couldn’t wait to change the outfit of her jumpee every time she logs in. The virtual world is like a town where the jumpee can enter “portals” to different levels of games and adventures. The jumpee also has his/her own house and he/she can decorate it!

What’s so nice about this game is that the kids are having so much fun and they do not realize they’re actually learning math and reading skills along the way (not to mention locomotor skills because of the way they handle the mouse, the keypad and such). If that is not enough to convince you to try with your child, I don’t know what but in my book, learning while having fun is a top priority. is really simple, unlike the usual MMORPG games we know,’s installation is easy and fast. Here’s how:

How to start playing

1. Visit,  and then click PLAY NOW.

2. Create an account for your child. Make sure she/he is beside you so she/he can decide which name to give for her/his jumpee.

3. Download and install the JumpStart

4. Launch JumpStart’s Online Virtual World and let the fun begin!

Know more on how you can safely regulate your child’s playing time with .

For teachers, there’s also a guide on how to use the 4-grade based programs as a supplemental learning tool inside the classroom. is a revolutionary educational software solution which teachers are now embracing as part of their unconventional teaching curriculum.

Key Features

  • Learning curriculum designed by educators and aligned with state standards
  • Classroom management system allows each teacher to organize their classroom and easily view progress by student or class.
  • Personalized learning system opens up new lands and challenges according to each student’s progress
  • In-game rewards keep students motivated to continue completing lessons and practicing skills
  • Ever changing world transforms with the seasons and holidays using a real-time calendar
  • Compelling 3D play immerses kids in a world of adventure and learning
  • Exportable progress reports keep teachers up-to-date with student progress, skill by skill

I am hoping that continues to innovate and improve their program so kids will learn more. With that said, it’s obvious that I am a happy jumpee parent!

Have your kids explore today!


DisclosureI was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”