I have heard of Winila.com before but not until today that I actually had the guts to visit it and see how it works. I have gathered, that Winila.com is an auction site where interesting items are up for bidding. You only get to bid if you purchase bidpack from Winila. A bidpack has 20- 500 bids denomination, it’s like buying load from a store and you top up the card and load it up on your Winila.com account.

Where to get Winila Credits? 
1. Buy it from Winila.com
2. Get them from authorized re-sellers.

How to top up Winila scratch type bid credits?
1. scratch the shaded password.
2. log in on your Winila account
3. Click on Redeem Voucher
4. Type the card password on Secret Keyword box
5. Type the captcha words
And viola! You just earned new bid credits!

Right after adding credits to your account, you can start bidding on your favorite items.

Learn more about Winila from guys who are “expert bidders” on Winila

Watch this nice interview with Papa, Winila’s most active and popular user.

And learn from the master bidder himself, Mike Ferrer. Watch the video and learn bidding tips from this guy.

I have yet to win my first ever item from Winila.com but I’m still hopeful and still learning. I currently have an eye for the Nokia E72 that’s up for grabs. It’ll end soon as of this writing and  guess who’s my biggest bid competitor? Mike Ferrer himself! (might as well give up?ahehe)

In case you want to give credits to my Winila.com account, here’s my username: adreamer 

Register today and start saving huge money! In Winila you always pay less than the retail price even if you decide to go for the BUY NOW option.

You just need a lot of patience andddddd credits! So top up and join us at Winila!!!