I was on my way to the bank when I noticed two guys whispering at each other and seems to be talking about someone ahead of them. When I checked who it was, I felt anger. The two guys were ogling the poor lady’s legs. She was wearing shorts and unmindful of two pair of eyes and two brains working over time.

When I was at the bank, one lady teller had to walk across the bank with her mini skirt (as their uniform) and all men looked down at her legs.

On the way home I decided to have a quick mall visit. And there, haven for short-shorts wearing ladies. And heaven for legs ogling men.

So why do men do this?

Is it our fault that we wear shorts? They’re trendy and comfy. Pairs with anything. And it’s the most versatile thing we could wear on any day. (can you tell that I’m a short wearer too?)

Anyways, maybe we should just let them stare and ogle. It’s them who’s committing a sin not us.

MEN! are so…