I was really impressed by First Robotics and the classes they offer. The amenities are top of the line and high tech beyond my comprehension. I am happy that engineering lessons are being offered to young kids. The lessons are fun, challenging, and very well structured (literally!).

Peaches had her trial class last weekend and she was ecstatic! The class make use of:

  1. Lego blocks to create a robot specified in their program/module
  2. 1 laptop per student that’s loaded with a software they use to control their robot




The kids follow a slide show on their laptop and construct their robot. Then they will program it so they can control it. Each class has different levels and in order for the student to go to the next level, she/he needs to finish all modules in that level.

I was told that each class, they only allow 15 students. There are 2 teachers each class to supervise the students. First Robotics Learning Center is open to kids from 4 to 16 years old who want to learn how to design, build and program robots.

Here are the classes at First Robotics Greenhills:

Our World of Adventures and Inventions (4 years old and up)
Children explore ways in which people and things move – for example, how animal and human bodies bend and jump, and how machines lift or spin. They learn about simple machines in the home and local community, design and build their own models.

Our World of Science and Technology (7 – 8 years old)- I inquired about their price for this class it’s P9,000 for 8 sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours 
Children will learn about information and control technology (ICT) and math by making their models come to life using basic sensors, mechanical parts and drag-and-drop software commands with a computer.

Our World of Robotics (9 years old and up)
Students will learn and start designing more advanced models by deepening their understanding of different science concepts such as forces, motion and energy. Students will also start planning and designing their own program to control robot functions or behavior.

Check their website at www.FIRSTRobotics.ph for other information

Some more photos I took during Peaches’ trial class:





IMG_0314 (1)