Our Experience With The New Pampers Dry 99.9% Skin Dryness Challenge

Mommies, this is our experience during the Pampers Skin Dry Challenge we went to but at the end I will share with you a discount code when you shop at Lazada!


This little girl is my charming Luzy during the Pampers Event in Robinson’s Place Ermita. I was so happy to see that they had a play corner for the toddlers while the Moms can check out the challenge booths around.


This was the booth I joined and I brought out our non-Pampers diaper to see how it will fare with the skin dryness challenge against Pampers. Welp, I am shocked to know that the non-Pampers diaper didn’t do well (to say the least). It’s not among the cheapest brands and I thought it would be comparable…. BUT not at all. With the same volume of blue water poured on both diapers, Pampers held up well and it was completely dry to touch.

I am so disappointed with the non-Pampers diaper and I would recommend each of you to try for yourself. I don’t think we’re saving if we buy lesser quality diapers because we’ll keep on changing them and would end up using more diapers.

IMG_1378 IMG_1377

And because I joined the challenge and vowed to use Pampers Baby Dry from now on, I won gift certificates! You can also win a pack of Pampers Baby Dry diaper and a diaper bag.

So calling all Mommies from Cagayan de Oro, accept the challenge and hurry over at Centrio Mall on December 15 to experience the same thing we did!

To top it all, Pampers Baby Dry is on sale on Lazada until December 12!

Pampers Lazada Sale

Making memories with my daughter and #FirstsWithPampers!

Tell me about your experience too!


  1. Gracie Maulion says:

    \I agree, I got disappointed too with the non-Pampers diaper when their attendant showed us (in a Parenting Event) the difference of Pampers to other brands. I also love their new cottony texture.

  2. juvy ann says:

    My boys are now aged 11 and 7, but they were Pampers babies too. It may be a bit pricier than other brands, but indeed the best quality wise. Nothing but the best for our children right.

  3. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    I was equally amazed with Pampers when I tried the challenge. I was not able to bring the brand we’re using and I regret that. I’m still curious as to how that will fare vs Pampers.:)

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