>We do our bi-weekly grocery at Robinson’s Galleria Supermarket and Simon, our favorite bagger, would always deliver our groceries at our house. But recently I noticed his absence and inquired about it. I found out that he was terminated because one of the Mall guards turned him in when he found out Simon was getting TIP from his deliveries which was against the Supermarket’s rules.

I ask you, who would turn down a tip that’s willingly given? My heart sank when I heard what had happened to Simon. I pressed further and one bagger said, the tattler was envious of the baggers because they have extra income on deliveries. But did you know that cashiers and baggers on Robinson’s Galleria are contractual? They can’t even re-apply on the same branch once their contract expires or wait for a year before re-applying.

What happened to Simon was a  typical example of a Filipino crab mentality. The guard was so selfish, he was not content that he was a REGULAR employee and that he needed to tell on Simon. Simon who gets less paycheck than the guard.

Truthfully, I do not understand Robinson’s rules against tip. I think it should be changed to: DO NOT DEMAND FOR A TIP instead of DO NOT ACCEPT TIP.

I wish Simon is with a  better employer and that he will bless his next customers with his friendly smile.