Finally, I can update my blog!!! As much as I want to create another blog from LJ or blogspot, I probably won’t update it very much these coming days. So I better stick to my ol-fwenster blog. See, Peachypoop is now sleeping serenely on her “spot” so mummy-me can type all my thoughts away!( daddy’s out on a DOTA marathon for 2 hours).

Here goes..


1. Dec. 1 2007– Our Wedding. It was fun and all my hardwork planning the event paid off. Even the most unappreciative LOLA (won’t tell whose) applauded our caterer! wuhoo..The dirty ice cream was also a hit! Not to mention my very pretty and sexy cousin Chiqui who was my MOH. Almost all the guys (I say almost cuz DOn begged to disagree) were asking for her number and her name. Too bad “daw” she’s staying in Davao. (lol parang makakapasa sila noh?) Ok I mentioned almost..cuz DON was/is attracted to DIanne!!! My very sweet sweet Di. Don kept on saying how pretty she was that’s why I gave D’s number to DOn and we’ll see what happens.

2. Dec 26 2007– Peachypoop was pulled out of mummy-me! (literally) That was the most unforgettable moment of my life. Until today I can still vividly recall that day. I was never asleep and never grogy. (Doctors, was that a good sign ba?) When I was in labor (for 10 hours in case you don’t know), I felt the pain that God bore on EVE when she betrayed HIm on the Garden of Eden “I will increase the pain of your childbearing”….But since I wanted to feel the pain, I didn’t ask for any epids. Infact I was in tears secretly but whenever the nurse, the resident and my OB came to check on me, I would wipe my tears and give them my bestest Smile! Dra. Nable would blurt out “Tita DJ (ohh that was her petname for me), kayang kaya mo pa hinde pa masakit…malayo pa tayo sa DR table!” geeeee..little did she know that I was screaming inside teeheee. At one point, my water broke but I was still 5cm. Troy was so anxious he calls the Labor room every hour…lol…Finally, Troy and Dra. Nable decided to cut me open because I had arrested cervical dilatation and was having Dry labor. Troy was allowed to go inside the Labor room and hold my hand while I was being prepped (skin test and all). Then after so-so, I was wheeled in to the OR, at this point Troy was not allowed to go beyond the OR door. I was never terrified. I trusted God so much and prayed hard to keep my baby safe. True enough, I didn’t feel ANY pain. Honestly. Even when I had the Spinal Anesthesia! The OR nurse (a guy btw..wahaha) and the anes kept telling me I would feel pain upon insertion of the needle..But there was none. God is so good. The only fear I felt was when I was asked to move my legs and I couldn’t. Silly! It was because of the anes..lol. Trust me though, it was scary…and so darn frustrating! As I was saying, I was awake the entire time I was being cut open. I even enjoyed the operation because the team where jolly and “madaldal”. They were making me laugh!(though nag chichills ako dahil nga sa anes). And I was caPict0064lmed by the anes because she held my hand the whole time. And finally, I heared Dra. Nable telling the resident to assist her and I felt a tug on my belly then a shrieking cry! My Peachypoop is out and saying HEllo to our world!… Amazing!

3. New Year– We were at the Edsa Shang for the New YEar. And so a lot of artista! Like KC Concepcion (spellcheck!), Ranie(spellcheck again!) Raymundo, De Mesa guy, Aiko’s ex-hubbie and a lot more I just don’t know the name. (in short di gaanong sikat) I was recuperating from the operation pero gala na nang gala. My mom was against the idea but couldn’t do anything but to scowl on me on the cam.lol. She was concerned of binat…Honestly, I don’t know binat at all. Never had this. Eniweiz, that’s my mum being over protected of her pretty pretty child. (duh ako un! hehhe)

4. Jan. 9– Back to my duties! I’m so glad I have my groupiesPict0132 ! And I missed them. And I felt we truly bonded. It is never a dull day with them. Always laughing and making things easier for everyone. I like the part where I get to “score” on Barney!
Speaking of.. He’ll be leaving soon for Trinidad & Tobacco! Mabuhay ka ANn! MAbuhay kang bata ka (i Hope). Well, He still owes the group our last meal together!

5. Jan. 27– Peachypoop’s Baptism! Our baby’s a true Christian and a Catholic thru and thru. I was so happy because finally she will be able to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit! And be cleansed from our original sin. Now we pray the Angel of GOd by heart! Thanks to her ninongs and ninangs! Btw, let me clarify a few points on this.
You ninongs and ninangs, are her second parents and that you must be responsible enough to guide her as she grows up and help her be a good Christian. Also DO NOT forget that her birthday is on Dec 26 and is different from Christmas Day! lol!

6. ANd lastly, Now we are THREE! It has been a month and 5 days since I gave birth to our Peachypoop…she’s had her vaccines and had her ears pierced! She does cries a lot when she needs her basic necessities like milk, nappy change, too hot or too cold, wants carry, wants cuddle, wants daddy, wants mummy and many more. At first Troy and I are on a trial and error hula on her needs but as we grew with her day by day, we managed to anticipate her needs as well as distinguish her ouchie cry from arte cry! lol. All together, it’s all good. And then the three of us will be together in this lifetime. Amen to that! Image278_1