As I challenged myself to do more with my blog, I signed up over at Paying Post to get paid to blog
. Luckily, my blog was approved and I even started receiving opportunities. Basically, it starts when an advertiser offers a product to be advertised on your blog and then they pay you for it. You start blogging about what you think of their product or service, talking about your experiences (if you have any) with the said product/service. In my case to be fair, I check out each product or services before blogging about what I think and I actually try it. So I can post about realistic opinions.
Positive and Negative feedbacks are allowed as long as it’s by way a constructive criticism. This will also help the advertisers to correct and upgrade their products/services.

I love doing paid blogging because I can write about things that I like and or rant about things that I do not like while earning from it.

I am excited to get more opportunities from Paying Post and so I am working on increasing my chances of getting opportunities such as minding my page ranks, alexa ranking, and so on. I also try to expose my blog by visiting other blogs too. In the same way, they will visit my blog.

What I like best with Paying Post is that it has very nice layout. It’s easy to maneuver and the color of the page isn’t a sore. I must say it’s dummy friendly.
They kept it simple and elegant that’s why it loads fast! The instructions and guides on how to go about their site is very direct.
I’ll even encourage my friends to sign up at Paying Post to earn more.
Why don’t you give it a try? Check it out!