When Erap and Isko Moreno were not seated in Manila governance, I am able to travel with ease from Ortigas to Manila and back. But when both of them decided to ban buses entering Manila without PROPER permits, chaos broke out.

I think it has been 2-3 months since this new change has rolled out but I didn’t realize that G-liner buses had cut their route from Cainta to Sta.Mesa instead of its usual Cainta to Manila. Commuters are then left with RRCG buses traveling ¬†from Manila to Cainta (and vice versa) with only 10 buses allowed to enter the whole day. ¬†Buses are also not allowed to pick up passengers from along the way; you are suppose to go to Park & Ride.

Park & Ride Manila – Chaotic Situation

From Manila City Hall, I had to walk to Park & Ride so I can catch one of the RRCG buses. I arrived 1:45PM and I immediately noticed the lack of systematic procedure in the entire bus-passenger scenario. The RRCG bus finally came at 5PM, lest to say I had a lot of time observing and ask questions from the daily commuters.

One student had to open her books and notes while seated at the gutter where passengers are standing waiting for the buses to arrive. I asked why she had to study here. Her reply was- “By the time I get home, I’m dead tired from all the waiting and standing here”

I probed further, “Why don’t you just ask your parents to rent you a room out here?”

“We can’t afford it. I’m a PLM scholar and I’m lucky to have it, if not for it, I won’t be able to go to College” was the reply.

Imagine, people waiting for the bus to arrive and when it does, it’s a FIGHT to getting into them- not to mention being seated!

It was really horrible. I swear I won’t go near Manila anytime soon if I don’t have someone driving for me.