As an online professional it’s crucial to find a reliable service provider that offers same day cash out of Paypal earnings to Peso. I have tried several companies but there were problems I encountered:

1. Hard to contact via email or phone

2. It’s not a same day cash out service

3. Slow to respond on application to transfer fund

4. Unverified individual

5. Funds are limited so they can’t accommodate you anymore

6. Unreliable

7. Outrageous fees

8. I’m not comfortable with their privacy policy

There’s an option to just transfer Paypal funds to your bank account- EON by Unionbank has the cheapest transfer fee. I think it’s just P50 compared to BDO’s P200. But then again that would take 3-5 banking days not counting if it fell on a holiday.

Luckily, I found Paypana. This was recommended by my good WAHM friend, Kat. She’s used it many times before me and when I started using them, I instantly felt safe with the Paypana team.


Here’s how I registered for a PayPana account and started using their service ON THAT SAME DAY. Yes, I was verified ON THAT SAME DAY!

1. Sign up for an account on their site,

2. Complete your details like address, bank account, contact number, etc for verification. You will be asked to create your PIN code.

You will also need the ff to be verified: 

– Government IDs

– A photo of yourself holding a note which will be provided by Paypana signed by you and uploaded on your Paypana account page.

– valid Paypal address which was your name and your email address that you used to sign up for Paypana

– valid bank account with you as the Account name holder

3. Wait for the verification email and follow the steps from there.

4. You may also call their office landline or Vibe them! They respond 10AM onwards

How to transfer fund from Paypal to Paypana and HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

1. Once your Paypana account is verified, go to DEPOSIT menu.

2. Choose your desired method of deposit- via Bank, Paypal Bitcoin

3. Enter your desired amount. Now this is where you should pay attention, there’s a default $20 on this field which means whatever you want to transfer, there is an additional $20 automatically added to it because that’s your Paypana fee.

So if your Paypal credit is $300 and you want to withdraw all of your $300, enter $280 on your Paypana account.

You will also be asked to provide your PIN code.

4. You will then be redirected to a Paypal payment gateway where you will be asked to confirm withdrawal of your Paypal balance to Paypana. Notice here that $300 is being withdrawn, sometimes it’s more or less depending on Paypal’s exchange rate.

5. You will receive an email notification that your balance has been transferred to Paypana and you are ready to withdraw it to your bank account.


1. Go to your Paypana account and click on the WITHDRAW menu.

2. Choose your preferred payout method.

3. Enter amount you want to withdraw.

4. Verify with your PIN code

5. Wait for your email notification.

After this, when I want to follow up (just because I’m OC like that) I vibe one of their numbers to see if they got my withdrawal request and ask for a status update. 🙂

In my experience, within 2-4hrs, my money is in my bank. In total, I guess I am paying Php500-600 per transfer from Paypal to Paypana and to Paypana to my bank.