When was your last OB Gyne check up? 

I just had my visit last weekend and if it was not for a super delayed period (with 4 negative pregnancy tests), I would have not gone to my OB. I’m 29 and supposedly I have to have at least 1 pap smear a year since I turned 25 (or after I gave birth) but no, I didn’t. So here I am telling you that you should not only take care of your appearance but also make sure you’re healthy internally.

OB Gyne Visit

Last weekend was so stressful because I was suppose to meet with a dermatologist (after thorough research!) to ask help with my uncontrollable pimples; but that very same day I had extreme pain when urinating and had blood on my urine. Then there’s the anxiety over my almost 1 month missed period. So, we headed to Clinica Manila at SM Megamall instead. I like that it’s clean and not under staffed.

First thing you do is to go to the Nursing Station (you can ask the information where it is because it’s located past them) and get a number. Wait for your number to be called.

When called, you will fill up a registration form and then the nurse will ask about your health concerns/complains. She will then give you options based on your needs– would you need a specialist or not?

Then you will be given another number and will be asked to proceed to nurse station #2.

Head on to the next station and inquire on which room you are listed. There are different rooms for different doctors so make sure you know. I advise you to ask how far you are on the list because if you still have time, you can proceed to the INFORMATION (at the front desk) and have your laboratory tests done while waiting.

I was patient 14 and the doctor I was listed was seeing number 8 at that time, so I went out to the information and told them I want CBC and Urinalysis (I know this because that’s what the doctors need to know what’s wrong with you. If you think stool is needed, ask for fecalysis or stool exam and if you’re complaining of hypertension or high sugar level, ask for Blood Chemistry tests ). So when it was my turn to see the doctor, I came prepared with the blood tests and need not wait for another 1-2 hours for my laboratory results BEFORE THE DOCTOR  MAKE  HER DIAGNOSIS.

Well, I still had to come back for the Trans Vaginal Ultrasound though but it was okay because we were famished and took the time to go out and grab something to eat.

If you’re curios, my Urinalysis at Clinica Manila costs P90 , CBC P190 , Transvaginal Ultrasound (without printed report) P500  with printed report P1000.

My OB Gyne was Dra. Ma. Theresa Milan and she’s very friendly and easy to talk to. It didn’t feel awkward talking to her and uhmmm being tested by her. I like that she was very patient with my questions and explained everything well. She takes her time with each patient and my P600 consultation fee is worth every penny.

Diagnosis #1

I had 2 health problems that were totally unrelated to each other. First, I was overly dehydrated which caused my pain during urination since I was voiding crystals that were not filtered properly because my body lacked water. The bleeding also was because of these crystals (proteins to be exact). Dra. Milan said that not all bleeding and pain during urination is caused by a Urinary Tract Infection. Like in my case, my urinalysis showed NO bacteria, NO pus cells which meant NO tract infection.

Treatment #1

Drink 8 glasses of 220mL water a day. No antibiotics because as I said, I have no infection. I was also advised that in case I develop fever specially chills, I should be brought to the hospital because it meant the infection developed. Which did not, thank God!

Diagnosis #2

To confirm Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) my transvaginal ultrasound showed PCOS like feature on my uterus but both of my ovaries are showing healthy signs and my linings are normal except for the cysts.

Looking over at Wikipedia, I found out I these Signs and symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):

Common symptoms of PCOS include:


Treatment #2

Duphaston 10mg x2/day for 5 days.

I was told that I could have my period back within my 5 days of taking Duphaston. IF NOT, I still have 10 days window to wait for my menstrual period to happen. And if after the 15th day and I still have no period, I was told to go back to her and I will be given another set of medication to normalize my hormones.

I’m on my 5th day and last day to take Duphaston and still has no period. I’m hoping it’ll come out within 10 days 🙁 

Scenario 2- IF I do get my period within 10 days after taking Duphaston, I have to do a Mammogram on my 5th-7th day since my first day of menstruation. Dr. Milan said this is to ensure I don’t have any cysts on my breast because the regimen that she will be giving me is not healthy for women with cysts on the breast and we all know where that leads us if I do turn positive on Mammogram.

Anyhoo, I am praying and hoping that I’m taking the peroid-with-no-breast-cyst way and head on to a regimen that will normalize my hormones. My skin problems are also caused by my unbalanced and wonky hormones so it’s a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go to the dermatologist.

Sigh, I feel old now that I have to deal with health concerns such as this. I was never a sickly baby or kid but I have to admit that my body did get its fair share of abuse. Well, it’s never too late to live healthy! (okay, husband you can take that smirk out of your face now.) 


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