Since day 1 of PDA, I’ve been awestruck by Bugoy’s singing capabilities.
Considering he didn’t have voice lessons or any formal lessons in music.
In fact he’s from a less priviledge family. He had to help his father plow
fields after school and named his good ol’ carabao Goopie.(lol)Isn’t he cute?
Bugoy’s a funny guy too. And it’s kinda obvious he has gender issues…perhaps
identity crisis? Btw, he’s 18 years old.
This didn’t stop him from performing really well
and from then on he’s been
well loved by the audience.

The big BUT is…he’s not good looking…at all..
SO ok he needs to be repackaged..TOTALLY needs it.
Who cares?
Let it be the first time someone not so good looking win a contest.

Best thing about him is he knows where he stands. He knows he lacks star quality.

I just want him to win so bad.
I feel like he deserves to win.
He definetly deserves it.
So vote for him!!!! Come on..I know you wanna…

Text PDA Bugoy and send to 231 for SUn, smart and talk n text 2331 for globe,tm, bayan wireless landline

Voting is until tom, Sunday at 2pm…so click click,,,vote now!
love yuh!
P.S. here’s more of Bugoy…
Camarines SurThe Farmer’s Son
Age: 18
Birthdate: 01 January
Place of Birth: Camarines Sur
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Racial Descent: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Occupation: Working student
Educ. Attainment: College undergraduate (2nd year)
Course: Food Service Institutional Management
School Attended: University de Sta. Isabel
Interests (other than singing): Sports (track and field, swimming), acting, dancing
Favorite Singers: Guy Sebastian, BoyzIIMen
Musical influences: Guy Sebastian
Discovering my voice: When I was in first year college and a working student, my friend would hear me singing while holding the mop. He encouraged me to join a singing contest in our school.
First song ever performed: Nasaan Ang Liwanag
Musical instruments I can play: Wala po
Musical instruments I’d like to learn: Guitar, piano
Greatest achievement: Being a Pinoy Dream Academy scholar
Biggest failure: When I lost my scholarships. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pera pampaaral sa sarili.
Greatest Dream: To be a successful singer and chef!
Song of my life: Angels Brought Me Here
Quote Me: “I’d sing until my last breath… Kahit man lang sa kanta ko, mapangiti ko sila.”
Notes on Bugoy:
Bugoy only recently discovered that he had a stage-ready singing voice, and only accidentally.
Coming from an impoverished family in a far-flung area in Camarines Sur, the hard-working farmer’s son went into university with the dream of earning a degree. He payed his tuition through scholarships and earned his pocket money working as janitor, dish washer and other odd jobs.
It must have been a habit for Bugoy to sing while doing menial jobs. But back in the farm where only the cows and the birds could hear him, his voice went unappreciated. It took a friend, who heard him singing while cleaning with a mop, to make Bugoy realize that he could actually carry a tune. Winning school competitions soon emboldened him to dream some more and try out for PDA.
Look where he is now. Pursuing his dream of becoming a singer. Wherever this takes him, Bugoy will has packed enough prayers in his suitcase to see him through. And he has yet another dream… to meet someone he could fall in love with and call his girlfriend. “Para hindi na ako paghinalaang bading.” (— ohhh goody for him!) XOXO