>Peaches’ birthday party last Thursday was great! The kids loved the magician and the clown that we hired. Although we did have time constraints and the kids wanted more of the magic tricks but the teachers said it was time to eat and blow the candles.

Speaking of blowing the candles, the kids gathered around and sang Peaches a happy birthday and of course blew the candle before she does! We had to try several times before Peaches finally had the chance to blow it herself . Watch the video! The same kid who blew the candle (before Peaches) kissed Peaches on the succeeding attempts. 🙂

There was also a face painter which was such a big hit to the kids. I think most of them (except the toddlers) had something painted on their face, palms or arms.

Also Peaches’ best pal in school, Khia, was absent for days but she went to school for Peaches’ birthday party and both were so happy to be with each other again. It’s really cute to see them and hear their “catching up” chat.

The kids were so happy that even if I was a one-woman team in prepping for the birthday celebration, it all paid off!