Happy Face on her First Day of School

As you know I was feeling a little off this morning (well until this very moment) but it’s my baby’s big day today so I forced myself to perk up and be happy for her. I didn’t join Peaches and Troy on their walk going to the SchoolRoom I just went after 30 mins or so making sure all the kids are in their classrooms by then.

I was greeted by familiar School Room Moms and it’s comforting to see them actually.
There were less crying today than I expected and the best news was Peaches walked pass the chaos in the play area and went straight to her classroom. One of the teachers had to call her out and asked her to kiss her Dad goodbye. 🙂

Such a big girl! When I was looking through the glass windows, she saw me and did her usual shocked reaction, gave me a big smile and a huge flying kiss and hopped away. She even asked me when she got home, “Mommy, what were you doing in my school?”. hahaha.

The teachers rotate positions yearly but we are lucky that Peaches’ favorite teacher (Teacher Kelvin) was assigned to them. She was so excited to see him again.

It was fun watching all 8 kids today 🙂 plus the Moms who couldn’t leave their kids with the nannies because they too loved watching their kids “do their stuff”.

How about you, what’s your story?