How time flies! For less than a month from now, it’ll be a year since I gave birth to my beautiful Peaches. I can’t truly explain how incredible it was to give birth. Every detail was imprinted on my mind (to think I have short memory span.lol.). But my post is about my preparations for her upcoming birthday.

The following things I still need to accomplish are:

-purchase peppermint lolippops…you know those big swirly colored christmas lolippops! any idea where I could get one? I think I need around 40pcs.

-balloons! (I am DIY-ing my balloon decorations), curling ribbons

-print party is here banner

-print party invitations (still waiting for the design)

-finish doing her guestbook (another DIY)

make and print name tags (which means I have to buy sticker paper too)

-buy candies and stuff for prizes

-tarpaulin design and printing (anyone willing to do the design for me???)

-needs to find photographer because the appointed ones backed out for emergency reasons.

-shop party clothes for me and hubbie

I think that’s about it.

We managed to invite the guests thru SMS and thru word of mouth but I think I still need to print few photo invitations for formality’s sake.