As much as I want to share our photo with Santa, I couldn’t upload it. Anyway, yesterday was Peaches’ first time to meet Santa in person. She always liked the Santa figurines, standees, posters, etc. but when she didn’t like the “real” Santa that much. No, she didn’t cry. She just didn’t want to touch Santa much more sit on his lap.

I didn’t get to experience meeting Santa when I was little let alone sit on his lap. You know, I’m from the boondocks of South Cotabato! So I think it’s a cool idea to spend time with your kids meeting Santa. Well, this is of course referring to my friends living here in Manila.

Did you know that most of the children in my hometown don’t know who Cinderella, Beauty, Snow White, Alladin and Ariel are? Their parents would rather tell them folklores and urband legends (or let’s say most of the parents don’t know who these characters are). What I’m saying is, there are huge differences in raising a child in the province as raising one in the city.

I myself was raised in the boondocks and I know the difference both good and bad. With all these, let me just say that I am a firm believer of whatever the situation maybe, the child will grow better if their parents loved and taught them well.