>My 2.2 yo daughter had her moving up day last Saturday, March 13. The school put up a play for the entire students to participate in including the toddlers! It’s the Beauty and the Beast play and my respect goes to the hands on owners of the school, SchoolRoom Inc, and the teachers for the patience and the love they gave to the children. It was of course not the usual play you watch on theatres but for us, parents, it was more than enough to see our kids dance and sing on stage. 

It was on this day that I truly realized how Peaches love her friends and teachers. She’s really happy being around them and she shines. We’re supposed to give her a time off from school this summer but we won the raffle (which is 50% off on summer workshop tuition) during the event and maybe it was a sign that Peaches is destined to be with them this summer.

I’m also happy that Troy was finally able to watch Peaches on stage. See, last Christmas, the school arranged a Christmas program where the kids gave dance or song numbers but Troy was not around because of work. 
Well, much to my *katarayan* he was able to join us (where he should be). 

Here are some of the photos I took during the event last Saturday. 

a bow


hugs and kisses

of course a smile for her sister, Miman (hoyes, the bear)