>Last week Peaches’ school conducted a Yaya (Nanny) seminar and these were discussed and said to them:

1. Let the child walk from the school lobby to their classroom alone. Parents can say their goodbyes at the lobby.

2. Parents are discouraged to peek on their child’s classroom as this will distract them.
(I think this does not apply to Peaches. When she sees me, she just waves or blow kisses and then gets back to whatever she was doing)

Honestly, I’m against it. Troy and Peaches’ moment is everyday when they walk from our home to Peaches’ school. It’s a short walk and Troy loves to extend it even until Peaches’ classroom. But apparently, Peaches often runs off on her own and heads to her classroom alone sometimes forgetting to kiss her Dad goodbye.

When I get the chance, I love to watch Peaches from outside her classroom. It’s my chance to observe how she is at school, how she deals with her classmates and teachers. But it seems I have to limit my visits from now on.  Oh well, I trust the teachers and that they know what’s best for the kids.