>We had a blast and the guests were happy too! The host/magician I hired turned out to be great and the kids loved him! *as well as the young at heart*.

The magician did some balloon twist too and gave each kid a balloon shaped to whatever the first letter of their name was.

The bubble show was a hit too! All the kids went inside the bubble. Peaches and Granny had their time too.

The facepainter was so busy with the kids and the young at heart.

Our food was provided by AMC Catering (did our wedding too) and as usual, they never failed to give the greatest food and most polite waiters! I also requested dirty ice cream 🙂 from them.

The cake and cupcakes were great too!

I DIY-ed the souvenirs

Here’s the dresses my Peaches wore:

We bought 4 dresses for her party she only got to wear 3. The yellow gown lasted a little less than 30 mins. because it had a malfunction.

Turns out my baby grew in less than a month and the dress had to burst open. lol. To think that the gown was made for 2-3 years old.

So she changed to this:

Thank you for the well wishers! 😉

Thank you to Beverly Quinto of Kiddoparty for helping me put the party together. She did a great job providing great people to do the services I required!
Thank you to Granny and Grampy for helping us make it happen.
Thank you to Lola Mommy and Lolo Tatay for the support they’ve given us.
Thank you to everyone who came and made our baby’s day special.