The little Peachypooper walks now and talks so much (with her alien language). There are syllables I learned to understand like ‘meyk’ for milk, ‘mi bibi’ for Mommy’s baby (she say this when she wants to be hugged and lulled to sleep, or she wants to hug one of her teddies), ‘Dada’ or ‘Daddy’ or ‘Didi’ when she wants to play with me or her Dad, ‘Babi’ or ‘A-bi’ for her Jollibee stuff toy, ‘amam’ when she wants food (solid), and ‘abugee abugee abugeee’ when she’s talking to herself.lol.
Oh, of course she calls me ‘Mameee’ or ‘Mamey’ or ‘Mimi’.

She will never sleep unless I give her the nightly hugs and kisses and her favorite blanky. Most of the time she will never sleep without me, even if her Dad’s with her. She sleeps on her own bed and will kick you out of it if you tried sleeping in with her. She’s so fond of her bed sometimes she refuses to get off it (especially when its cleaning time).

She knows the names of all her teddy. She can identify and pick each one. She lets them ‘sleep’ the way Mommy makes her sleep (putting it on her shoulder and patting its butt or back while swaying).

Peaches imitates EVERYTHING. She imitates me when I put on lotion. She imitates Daddy putiing on deodorant. She imitates Granny putting lipbalm or lipstick. She imitates Daddy doing hand salute to greet security guards. She imitates her favorite videos. She imitates my laugh and her Dad’s.

She’s growing up well, Thank God. And she can now express what she want and shakes her head if she doesn’t want something you offered. It amazes me how big she grew over a year, how beautiful she is and how much happiness a child can give.

Peaches changed everyone’s lives. She lightened a dark spot on our lives and she brought us hope, love and strength. I hope we too can be all that to her (and so much more).