>Last Saturday was Peaches’ school Christmas Presentation and it was of course a treat for all School Room parents to see their children performing on stage. The kids prepared song and dance numbers for the parents and were wearing the cutest costumes!

Peaches was so happy dancing and singing to everyone and she was looking so cute and adorable on her costume. I seriously think she has a future on singing or acting, don’t you think so? It’s on occasions like these that you see your child’s true potential and it’s when you know what areas you should support her and help her thrive whatever skills and talents she’s got.

I also want to commend the school’s effort in organizing a presentation like this because it does give joy and pride to each parent. Not to mention it makes paying a hefty tuition fee all worth it.

Here are some of Peaches’ photos during her Christmas Presentation:

my loves! 

Whatever we paid for the costume is worth every penny because Peaches performed well 🙂
In fact, she’s been hailed as the best dancer in her class. Her classmates’ parents were also generous of praises for Peaches after the event.

At the end of the program, Santa was also there to give treats for the kids and of course pose for the traditional family photo opp. Dad,, as you can see, was not with us because he needed to finish some work at the office but my sister in law and mother in law was ever supportive of Peaches.

What did your kids do lately that made you one proud Momma? 

A Truly One proud Momma,