Dear Peachypoop,

You grow really fast (and fat).
Today I decided it’s time that I address you everytime I do an update on you since it’s you who’s involved anyway. Nine months and almost two weeks had past since my OB cut me to get you out of my tummy since you’re too obnoxious to go out on your own. Remember the scar that you always touch and scrape? That’s yours.

These past months you’ve shown tremendous physical , emotional and mental development. You started calling me MAMA instead of MAMAMMAMAMAM and just use it instead when you’re hungry (which is like every after 10 mins). Just this morning you startled me when I turned and saw you already on your Daddy’s bed! When did you learn to climb up his bed without so much noise? I didn’t even notice you moving. Now Daddy doesn’t need his alarm clock.
You have this habbit of crying everytime I’m not on your sight. Baby, Mommy needs to do others things aside from staring at you the whole day. I wonder if you’ll ever be tired of my face since we are together 24/7. But since you’re growing and knowing things better, you started to allow Daddy lull you to sleep on your nap times. Calling him MAMA a few times too.

You absolutely LOATHE it when I comb your slightly curly hair, always grabbing the comb from me and desperately doing it yourself. But baby, your arms are too small you barely reach the back of your head thus giving your ears a good comb instead.
Then you’ve become so alert on noises and lights making Mommy go about the house blind and mute from 10PM onwards.

There was this stint I pulled the last time we were at your pedia. I asked if something’s wrong with you since you don’t crawl on floors. The pedia looked at me and said I should expect you to crawl at 10 months or so. Huh? But you were crawling on your bed already! I asked because when I put you down on the floor you just sat and hit the floor with both hands.

Tonight as I put you to sleep, I asked for an ALIGN. You looked at me with those big pretty eyes you got from your Dad, as if saying “That’s so boring, Mommy!” . Yeah, Sigh.

That’s why you’re so smart you can point at things like…”Where’s the light?”, “Where’s the aircon?”, Where’s Granny and Grampy bird?”. How can I ever bore you with ALIGN and Close Open when you learned it months ago? Tsk.

Lastly, you never cease to amaze me when you stood on your own and looked at me proudly.
You have strong arms and legs. Surely my bruises can attest to that.
Yes baby, you’ve been giving Mommy bruises all over my body. I even have two on my arms now. But that’s nothing. I love you too much to notice or even care.
I’m excited on what you are going to learn on the next days.
As I often say, “Mommy’s here naknak. Don’t cry.”

Remember to say sorry to your Dad because early today you slapped him on the face just because he was asking for a kiss when you were too busy playing…


Mama /Mommy