Almost 9 months and growing beautifullly and healthy!

I’ve been a member of Babycenter.com and from time to time they send me guidelines and checklist on Peaches’ milestones. So far she’s accomplished all there is on the list and for some she’s even advance. I’m really happy about it.

Also I observed that she knows her likes and dislikes now. And of course she communicates better and could say a few words (in a vocabulary of her own) specially the things that she wants. That includes shooing me for a time of her own. She wants to play by herself surrounded by her toys. She just calls me when she’s tired, bored and hungry.

She’s also friendly to other kids. I’ve been exposing her to different playmates of different ages and she’s reacting really well. Some of the kids would bully her but she never really cares. She just stares and shrieks (that famous scream of hers)! hehhe..but never did she retaliate or something. She’s too friendly I think. Sometimes I would want to smack the bully myself hehehe…

Most of the time she smiles at strangers. At random people playing with her even from afar. She stares at cute guys too. lol. And would pull hair every chance she gets. (once, we were on que for the Holy Communion, she pulled the lady’s hair in front of us.)

But even how adorable and perfect she might be…she still drives me and her dad crazy at times. She could really be a brat if she wants to. She could whine for no reason at all. She’s demanding too hahahha…At night, she wants me to sleep with her and would put her head on my head to be sure I wouldn’t leave. If I did, the whole floor would all be awake.

Well she’s stubborn and independent in most ways. Just like me. Truly she’s my own blood,sweat and tears.