My day can be very challenging with all the tasks I juggle plus the household chores I manage. Sometimes I am dead tired by 8pm and can barely lift myself off my work chair. Luckily, I have a personal stress buster who crawls in on top of me and likes to listen to my heartbeat or sometimes she comes with something Amazing (her own words) to show me. Then there’s our funny kitty cat Ted who likes to make fun of himself until my jaw hurts from too much laughing.

Just earlier while waiting for Dad to come home, Peaches wanted to hear my heartbeat again. Few minutes  later she goes, ” Mom your heartbeat says kulangot, kulangot, kulangot!” lol. (kulangot =booger).

After some good laugh, when I thought we calmed and settled she stares at me for a long time and said, “butiki, butiki, butiki” (means lizard). She’s making fun of  my fear  of lizards.

Funny moments to end a tiring yet fruitful day.

—- No photos  as this was posted on my iPad