>Today I received an email from Peaches’ school, The School Room, Inc and it says:

It’s gonna be a fun day for the students and especially Peaches who adores all kinds of animals (ekk..even lizards)! We’ve also been to Zoobic and you can tell how happy she was to be with the animals plus she’s learning their sounds.
I like the idea of a school exposing kids with animals to increase their awareness and to teach them how to treat animals/pets properly. I see lots of kids who are mean to dogs (and other pets) and I don’t want my daughter to be one of them.

Peaches loves animals to a point she imagines she’s playing with them. She run around the  house pretending she’s being chased by a dog or a cat. She pretends she’s playing with a RAT while taking a bath.
She crawls and barks too! hahaha.

Peaches will be bringing Mr. Giraffe to share with her classmates and friends on their Pet day.

We got Mr. Giraffe during Peaches’ first birthday 🙂 Look how little Peaches looked beside Mr. Giraffe.