>When the ice scramble mania hit Manila with a vengeance, many ice scramble food cart businesses opened.

And everyone is claiming they are the ORIGINAL when in fact there’s none. Technically all ice scrambles are a like in color, texture and mixture. It differs with the taste , agree? Manong A sells different ice scramble than Manong B and there’s no base taste for everyone that’s why I don’t get it why these scramble carts are fighting over who’s the original and who’s not.

What really make this pink goodness sell like pancakes is the memories it brings back. I’m sure you always reminisce how you snuck out and bought ice scramble from a Manong at school or down your street.
At least now, we’re safe from Hepatitis and Mom may want to try it with you 🙂
Oh, and I let my toddler taste it too!

Anyhoo, in my opinion Manila Scramble tastes better than Pinoy Ice Scramble. MS is sweeter and tastes closer to what I was used to buy when I was younger. One thing though, I always make sure that I get the ice scramble when their ice box is full or half full and NEVER when it’s almost gone. I hate eating ice scramble with MELTED ICE!!! Did you ever taste that? It felt like I was drinking it more than eating it.

So I hope Pinoy Ice Scramble improves their product a little bit.

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