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Platonic love (Latin: amor platonicus), is a deep and spiritual connection between two individuals. It is love where the sexual element does not enter.

This relationship does not entirely involve guy-girl relationship, this would also include girl-girl and guy-guy situations. As we are with our girlfriends and guys with their guy buddies. Let us explore the guy-girl scenario. Can they really be just friends?

Of course, I’m the living proof. But it didn’t come easy. My relationship with my bestfriend shunned my to-be suitors because people saw us as an item. Coming from an all-girls high school I was somehow branded as playgirl because I had crushes and flings when they though I was dating my bestfriend. But I didn’t care then..I don’t care now. True friendship is the best thing one could ever experience in his/her life.

Back to the topic… How many times did you ever see situations like these:

“Is he your boyfriend? Is he courting you?”

“No. He’s just a friend”

“Oh, come on.” or “Yeah, right”

Is it really hard to believe that platonic relationship exists? Why do we always brand a guy-girl relationship to fall apart because we are always sure one will fall for the other?

I know it’s not always successful to most guy-girl friendship. But that’s another story. That’s when one of them keeps a deeper feeling and sees the relationship as a guise to be closer. Well, that’s not Platonic. A platonic relationship must be for both parties. It might need a lot of work than the usual same sex friendship but still it’s doable and it’s working. It also needs a lot of honesty specially about feelings.

I’m not saying that ALL guy-girl friendship is PLATONIC. No. No. No. Assess and Feel.

So, do you have a platonic relationship story?