Today at the children’s playground,

Peaches and I met some of the kids and their yayas.

One of the yayas was so talkative she end up telling us her “amos” lifestory.

That her “ate” was infact a mistress of this very wealthy (and married) old guy from a certain province (I forgot which one..come on, I was just half listening)

Anyhoo, the old guy (I saw the guy…he is really old…as in white haired kinda old)

So the old guy…he comes home to this family once in a blue moon. But apparently,

The mistress couldn’t care less as long as money is sent every week. And as long as her every whims are met. Ohhh and they have 3 kids!

Tsk. That’s why it’s hard to have good yayas. Most of them are blabber mouths.

The second yaya I had to pry on to. She doesn’t talk much.

But I was intrigued by the kid she takes care of.

The poor kid is 2 y.o. but he couldn’t walk and couldn’t talk.

He couldn’t even stand on his own.

The yaya told me he’s on therapy. Good for him, his parents could afford one.

I felt so sorry for the kid.

He was afraid of everything that comes near him.

He shrieked when the toy pony got pushed near him.

I can only pray for the kid’s fast rehabilitation.

Don’t get me wrong.

I honestly salute yayas.

Being a hands-on Mum 24/7,

I know how hard it is to take care of a child

And be able to tend to other household chores too

It takes a lot of patience.

I have to agree being left at home to the kids

Is the most challenging job in the world.

Let it be a yaya or a mother.

Two terms completely different, yet completely similar.