Peaches was sick for 3 days now so this morning we decided to bring her to the hospital.
Granny suggested TMC since it’s pretty near our place.
I had doubts with TMC at first because we didn’t have any
Pedia referral and that we will be coming from E.R. and will just be asking for
a consultant.
Our Pedia was not available today and so off me go to TMC since
I didn’t want to wait up on her when my baby’s having a hard time
breathing because of her cough.
At TMC, the staff were so courteous and helpful.
We were guided to the Triage Area where a nurse registered Peaches
and called on every pedia consultant available for us.
(I think for other hospitals they would just point you to the
clinics and do the reservations yourself.)
After a few minutes, we were asked to go to the pedia’s clinic.
Lucky for us we were patient #1.
I was satisfied with how the pedia checked Peaches
and how she was honest enough to tell what to expect and what not.
Well, she’s giving Peaches until Monday to recover from her sickness
(with prescribed medications of course)
If not, she might need to be confined and an x-ray will be done.

I hope she does get better tom.
Please pray for her.


I’m sorry I wasn’t able to share my cruise experience(s)
So much has happened since we got back.
My plates are full and I only have two hands
and a battered body to finish it all up.
Please bear with me.