photo credit: Jalalspages

My Aunt, Nanay Tess, as we fondly call her is my Tatay’s eldest sister. She was hospitalized last week from a week long fever, gum bleeding and hematuria. The initial finding was Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura because her platelet was down to 7000 as compared to the normal 150-400,000. Today she was finally diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia when her bone marrow smear came back. But before that, water from her lungs were removed and she needed respirator to breath. She refused to take her medicine and didn’t want to eat anymore. She could be in a lot of pain (physically, emotionally and mentally) that’s why she refuses to fight. As of this moment, all of our family members are being called to go see her and bid our goodbyes as she is getting worse every minute. Her heart is starting to fail and an arrest is inevitable.

We are of course in shock, for a matter of two days she is already dying. And worse, she refuses to fight her illness. She’s 59 years old by the way.

I am asking for your prayers. A simple prayer for my aunt and our entire family that we may find light and love amidst this trying time.