Going to work everyday, running a busy household and calculating expenses are part of a mom’s daily routine – and unfortunately, it can leave very little room for quality time with their children.

Mother and Child Painting by Sofan Chan

“I leave the house very early in the morning to go to work, and when I get home in the evening, there are still so many things to be done. Plus, my kids go to bed early for school the next day, so my time with them is really quite limited,” admits 32-year old banker Nicole, who has three kids aged 9, 6 and 4.

And even if Nicole thinks that being Mom is the best job in the world, she knows that there are still some not-as-fun things that need to be done first. “I have bills to pay and errands to run – things that keep the house running. Of course, I’d rather be watching a movie with my kids or playing with them, but there are some responsibilities that just can’t be ignored,” she says.

Juggling multiple roles at the same time can be daunting, and at the expense of enjoying precious time with the family – but there are a few simple ways to spend more time together and share quality moments with each other.

Grocery Shopping

Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun? Children are immediately drawn to the variety, colors and buzzing atmosphere in the supermarket – and if moms are feeling creative, a trip to the grocery can mean a world of activities. Kids can help out with meal planning, or do simple math with prices and savings.


Cooking Mama

When it’s time to get dinner at the table, children can help out in the kitchen, too. Helping to mix ingredients or being designated “taste-testers” is a wonderful way for moms to spend time with their kids, and is one step closer to making dinnertime a bit more special.


Keep In Touch

When it’s crunch time and there seems to be no time to spare, it doesn’t mean children have to take a backseat. Moms can leave Post-Its on the nightstand, or little notes on the mirrors for kids to wake up to. Sometimes, it could also be possible to sneak into kids’ school books and leave a short message or two, which can also add a happy element of surprise.


Bedtime Stories

After a long day of school, sports and activities, children can come home tired and go straight to bed. Scheduling a few minutes every night before bedtime to talk, tell stories and share about the day’s events can draw moms and kids closer together. It doesn’t have to be long novels or straight from a storybook – sometimes, a simple “How was your day?” can do the trick. Pair it with a glass of NIDO FORTIFIED and moms do a quick storytelling session.


Grab the Opportunity

When time permits, make the most of it. On weekends or special occasions, moms can plan activities with their families – movie nights, Saturday picnics and out-of-town trips can make a world of difference and bring everyone closer to each other, making lasting memories for families.

Dealing with a Rubik’s Cube of work commitments, household errands and personal needs doesn’t have to be tiring, and it definitely doesn’t have to put family time in the backseat. Quality time with kids can be as simple as possible, depending on their needs and interests.

After all, mother knows best.

What’s your favorite Precious Moment with your child? Please do share!