It ‘ll be 2 months in a few days, since I gave birth to Peaches but I could still see bulges on my tummy! It’s so depressing. To make matters worse, the binder they made me wear hurts like hell when it touches my skin. It’s suppose to make my tummy bulge go away..but it’s not working!!! I researched about postpartum exercise and when is the proper time to get back to one’s pre pregnancy state.

Here’s what I learned….

* that bulge in my tummy that makes me look like 5 months pregnant, is called PREGNANCY POUCH.And it’s normal to have post-pregnant belly. Although there are FEW women who have flat tummy right after giving birth, but these are rare (thanks to their genes!). For most of us (heck yeah MOST!), it takes months before we could fit in to our NORMAL jeans.

*that it could take a year to get back to your “normal” state. Remember that it took us 9 months to enlarge our tummy for a full term fetus to fit. So it (oo nga naman) makes sense that it would take the same or longer time to go back in it’s normal size.

* Linea nigra(the DARK line that traces going down our navel) and the stretch marks may not totally disappear. ( to think I have post CS cut to tend)

* The speed and degree of this transition depends largely on your normal body size, how much weight you gained during pregnancy, how active you are, and your genes. (ohhlalala negative ata ako dito!)

* For the exercise, one should better ask her OB. Like in my case, CS ako so I better talk to my OB about my plans. For some countries there are gyms that offer postpartum YOGA and postpartum exercises; (sa US there are gyms that offer babysitting services)

blah.blah…And so much more!…

But don’t get me wrong, am not complaining.Heck! I’ll take the same road 100x to have my Peaches again and again. It’s just that I wanted to look better not for anyone else but for myself. I wanted to be an efficient mummy to my baby. How can I be if I’m not physically healthy?

hay noh?